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Group Performance from RSL Awards exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative assessment solutions whilst supporting both access and enjoyability of creative arts education.

The flexible approach to group assessment from Entry Level to Level 3 in Music or Movement and Dance enhances our already pioneering Graded Exam offering. These Group Performance qualifications are designed to champion a range of performers and the communities they represent, including members of a wide-variety of different backgrounds, cultures and orientations.

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Why Group Performance

Performance Focussed

RSL Group Performance is an unregulated qualification suite recognising group performance in either Music or Movement and Dance. These qualifications promote performance and communication skills and facilitate the assessment of any style, genre or ensemble.

Groups Of Any Size

Performers can be assessed as a collective (ensembles of any size) or individually as part of a group (groups of up to 12 candidates). At Entry Levels (Music only), candidates are individually graded for their participation in group collaboration via internal teacher assessment.

Repertoire Flexibility

There are absolutely no limits on the materials to be performed as part of a Group Performance assessment. Flexibility means that candidates can enjoy the benefit of selecting repertoire from their favourite bands, artists, choreographers, or even perform their own compositions and choreography.

Accessible For All

The adaptability of these qualifications means they can be used in a plethora of different settings and for an assortment of ensembles. Removing barriers to achievement means Group Performance assessment prioritises social mobility, giving learners the ability to be assessed for their performances without the need for adaptations or reasonable adjustments.

Entry Levels

Entry Level Group Performance in Music is available at Entry Level 1, 2 & 3, and is entirely assessed through tutor observation. These observations are based on an individual's participation in group activities through their lessons, rehearsals and performances. At Entry Level 1 the focus is primarily on the learner’s enjoyment and developing their confidence in participating in a music group.

Level 1–3

There are two types of certificate available at Levels 1–3 Group Performance in Music or Movement and Dance. Ensembles of any size can be assessed collectively, or, learners can be assessed individually as part of their group performance.

Help and Support

We've compiled a huge range of FAQs and helpful resources in our help centre. Click the button below to access our help centre for full Group Performance assessment support. Please do check the help centre before getting in touch with RSL Awards.


Dates & Fees

Online Entry:

Candidates may enter online for any of the qualifications whenever they feel they are ready. Online entry can be made via the button below. - Entry Levels are teacher assessed. Please get in touch with us for certification information:

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