At RSL Awards, we are delighted to have partnered up with GoCreate Academy to create a unique series of graded exams in Vlogging and Podcasting.

The Vlogging and Podcasting grades run from Debut – Grade 8 and develop learners’ planning, narration and technical skills through a coursework task that gradually increases in complexity as the grades progress.

Everything you need to Get Started:


To help you get started, we’re running an exclusive 20% discount on our interactive e-publications available through GoCreate which give you all the content and guidance you need to prepare for the assessed coursework task.

Please use the code EWVLB20 when purchasing via the GoCreate digital shop.



In addition, we’re pleased to have partnered up with Focusrite to offer an exclusive 25% discount across their range of products, specifically designed for Vlogging, Podcasting and Music Production.



To celebrate the launch of Wavelab Cast, Steinberg is offering a 20% discount* on this brand new product designed to help learners create their podcasting and vlogging products as effectively as possible. Wavelab Casts has the look and feel of the Digital Audio Workstations you will already be familiar with but has functionality designed with the Podcaster and Vlogger in mind.



We all know that Social Media has a significant impact on our lives and that young people in particular are increasingly engaging with content online and on demand in favour of watching live TV. Youtube has just turned 15 and TikTok now has roughly 800 million users and a recent survey by OfCom highlighted that, in the UK alone, over a third of children aged 10 – 15 watched Vloggers on a regular basis. RAJAR’s report into media usage highlighted that around 10 million adults listen to podcasts on a weekly basis and that this is now the second most popular digital listening activity after streamed music.

There’s also been a shift away from young people watching global influencers with millions of subscribers towards watching peer-to-peer, micro and nano-influencers who have fewer subscribers but are more local. Even in 2019, before the seismic shift to the virtual world, more than three quarters of 12-15 year olds were using the internet to help them with school work and just under half were using it to help them develop new creative skills. 41% of that same age group were watching vloggers. Even children as young as 3 years old watch vloggers as part of their screentime.

We’re really excited to be able to offer a benchmarked route which develops the skills needed to produce high quality content in this 21st-century form of communication. Whether you or your students are interested in producing content to educate and inform; promote themselves and products; or simply develop the skills needed to enhance their future careers, now is a great time to get hold of everything you need to get started.

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*Offer runs from 22nd March 2021 to 31st July 2021 on epublications. Wavelab Cast offer runs until 31st December 2021.