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RSL takes pride in delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications that support the aspirations of all musicians, performers, educators and teaching institutions throughout the world.

This has led RSL to develop positive and progressive relationships with music providers, institutions and aspiring musicians in Switzerland.

For further details on RSL’s international operations and to find out how to enter for Graded Music Exams, and Rockschool Diplomas please contact us via the link below.


Upcoming Tour & Deadline Dates

Tour Window:
W/c 24th May
W/c 31st May
W/c 7th June
Music Arts Academy in central Geneva
Booking Deadline:
19th April

Planning Your 2021 Exam Day With Confidence

With Boarder Restrictions constantly changing, and COVID having a continued effect on Switzerland's exam operations, RSL has put in place a list of contingencies to simplify planning your exam day in 2021.  Get in touch with us directly to find out how to secure your place in our exam tour this year.

Free Choice Pieces Exam Board and Genre Extension

In response to the current Covid-19 restrictions, and to allow as many Switzerland based candidates as possible to achieve their qualifications, music in genres other than popular music which is set for exams of other recognised boards will be automatically accepted for the equivalent grade. This applies to PianoKeyboardVocals, and Acoustic Guitar whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. More info here.

RSL Classical Piano

RSL Awards are proud to announce the release of their latest syllabus – Classical Piano – offering access to Graded Examinations up to Grade 8 for any contemporary classical pianist. Examinations are available to book now.

Graded Music Exam Fees (Recorded Video Exams)

PremiereCHF 78
DebutCHF 84
Grade 1CHF 94
Grade 2CHF 100
Grade 3CHF 105
Grade 4CHF 115
Grade 5CHF125
Grade 6CHF 135
Grade 7CHF 155
Grade 8CHF 165

Graded Music Exam Fees (Live Video Exams)

PremiereCHF 82
DebutCHF 88
Grade 1CHF 99
Grade 2CHF 105
Grade 3CHF 110
Grade 4CHF 121
Grade 5CHF 131
Grade 6CHF 142
Grade 7CHF 163
Grade 8CHF 173

Graded Music Exam Fees (Face-To-Face Exams)

PremiereCHF 86
DebutCHF 92
Grade 1CHF 104
Grade 2CHF 110
Grade 3CHF 116
Grade 4CHF 127
Grade 5CHF 138
Grade 6CHF 149
Grade 7CHF 171
Grade 8CHF 182

Creative Qualifications Fees

DebutCHF 44
Grade 1CHF 52
Grade 2CHF 52
Grade 3CHF 52
Grade 4CHF 58
Grade 5CHF 58
Grade 6CHF 65
Grade 7CHF 65
Grade 8CHF 65

Music Theory Exam Fees

DebutCHF 44
Grade 1CHF 52
Grade 2CHF 52
Grade 3CHF 52
Grade 4CHF 58
Grade 5CHF 58
Grade 6CHF 65
Grade 7CHF 65
Grade 8CHF 65

Music Production Fees

Grade 1CHF 75
Grade 2CHF 75
Grade 3CHF 75
Grade 4CHF 95
Grade 5CHF 95
Grade 6CHF 111
Grade 7CHF 111
Grade 8CHF 111

PAA Exam Fees (Recorded Video Exams)

PremiereCHF 22
DebutCHF 26
Grade 1CHF 36
Grade 2CHF 42
Grade 3CHF 48

PAA Exam Fees (Live Video Exams)

PremiereCHF 23
DebutCHF 27
Grade 1CHF 38
Grade 2CHF 44
Grade 3CHF 50
Grade 4CHF 61
Grade 5CHF 66
Grade 6CHF 77
Grade 7CHF 87
Grade 8CHF 98

PAA Exam Fees (Face-To-Face Exams)

PremiereCHF 24
DebutCHF 28
Grade 1CHF 40
Grade 2CHF 46
Grade 3CHF 53
Grade 4CHF 64
Grade 5CHF 69
Grade 6CHF 81
Grade 7CHF 91
Grade 8CHF 103

Professional Diplomas Fees

Level 4£295
Level 6£450

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