RSL Serbia

RSL takes pride in delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications that support the aspirations of all musicians, performers, educators and teaching institutions throughout the world.

This has led RSL to develop positive and progressive relationships with music providers, institutions and aspiring musicians in Serbia.

For further details on RSL’s international operations and to find out how to enter for Graded Music ExamsRockschool Diplomas and Performance Arts Awards, please contact us via the link below.


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Deadlines & Exam Dates

Entry Deadlines

1 April 2018
30 September 2018

Exam Dates

June 2018
December 2018

Graded Music Exam Fees

PremiereDIN 7310
DebutDIN 7690
Grade 1DIN 8820
Grade 2DIN 9075
Grade 3DIN 9830
Grade 4DIN 10710
Grade 5DIN 11720
Grade 6DIN 12350
Grade 7DIN 13985
Grade 8DIN 15250

Performance Arts Awards Fees

Premiere DIN 2015
DebutDIN 2645
Grade 1DIN 3275
Grade 2DIN 3910
Grade 3DIN 4535
Grade 4DIN 5170
Grade 5DIN 5795
Grade 6DIN 6425
Grade 7DIN 7690
Grade 8DIN 8950

Music Theory Exam Fees

DebutDIN 4915
Grade 1DIN 5295
Grade 2DIN 5795
Grade 3DIN 6050
Grade 4DIN 6300
Grade 5DIN 6680
Grade 6DIN 7055
Grade 7DIN 7435
Grade 8DIN 7815