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RSL has developed positive and progressive relationships with music providers, institutions and aspiring musicians around the world.

We take pride in delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications that support the aspirations of all musicians, performers, educators and teaching institutions, and our operations in Netherlands are no different.

For further details on RSL’s international operations and to find out how to enter for Graded Music ExamsRockschool Diplomas and Performance Arts Awards, please contact us via the link below.


Rockschool Instruments

As of 2018, we now offer Graded Music Exams in DrumsBassElectric GuitarAcoustic GuitarVocalsPianoUkulele and Music Production.

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Graded Music Fees

Premiere310 QAR
Debut330 QAR
Grade 1370 QAR
Grade 2410 QAR
Grade 3445 QAR
Grade 4485 QAR
Grade 5570 QAR
Grade 6595 QAR
Grade 7610 QAR
Grade 8646 QAR

Music Production Fees

Grade 1315 QAR
Grade 2349 QAR
Grade 3378 QAR
Grade 4412 QAR
Grade 5485 QAR
Grade 6506 QAR
Grade 7519 QAR
Grade 8549 QAR

PAA Graded Exam Fees

Premiere180 QAR
Debut190 QAR
Grade 1220 QAR
Grade 2250 QAR
Grade 3270 QAR
Grade 4305 QAR
Grade 5375 QAR
Grade 6405 QAR
Grade 7425 QAR
Grade 8440 QAR

Theory Exam Fees

Debut200 QAR
Grade 1215 QAR
Grade 2230 QAR
Grade 3245 QAR
Grade 4260 QAR
Grade 5305 QAR
Grade 6320 QAR
Grade 7320 QAR
Grade 8325 QAR

Diploma Fees

Performance L42158 QAR
Performance L63664 QAR
Teaching L42972
Teaching L64063