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RSL takes pride in delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications that support the aspirations of all musicians, performers, educators and teaching institutions throughout the world.

This has led RSL to develop positive and progressive relationships with music providers, institutions and aspiring musicians in Czech Republic.

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Graded Music Exam Fees

Premiere1535 Kč
Debut1610 Kč
Grade 11850 Kč
Grade 21900 Kč
Grade 32070 Kč
Grade 42250 Kč
Grade 52470 Kč
Grade 62600 Kč
Grade 72940 Kč
Grade 83215 Kč

Music Theory Exams

Debut1025 Kč
Grade 11100 Kč
Grade 21210 Kč
Grade 31260 Kč
Grade 41310 Kč
Grade 51400 Kč
Grade 61470 Kč
Grade 71550 Kč
Grade 81640 Kč

Performance Arts Awards

Premiere405 Kč
Debut540 Kč
Grade 1675 Kč
Grade 2810 Kč
Grade 3945 Kč
Grade 41075 Kč
Grade 51210 Kč
Grade 61340 Kč
Grade 71610 Kč
Grade 81875 Kč

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