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RSL delivers the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications that support the aspirations of all musicians, performers, educators and teaching institution, and we are proud to have developed a positive and progressive relationships throughout Canada.

RSL collaborates with Wentworth Music, representing British Columbia and Resonate Music School and Studio in Alberta.

For further details on RSL’S international operations and to find out more about entering Rockschool Graded Music Exam, please contact us via the link below.


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Deadlines & Exam Dates

Entry Deadline
28 February 2019

Exam Dates
April/May 2018

Examination Application Form

British Columbia Application
Right Click to download PDF

Alberta Application
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Fees for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano and Band Based Keys.

Cash or Cheque payable to:
-“Wentworth Music” in British Columbia,
-"Resonate Music School and Studios" in Alberta

Exam Information

Late Entries
Late entries cannot be guaranteed and will incur a fee of $30 CAD.

Once a candidate has entered, exams can only be moved for a fee of $15 CAD and Rockschool cannot guarantee a new date in the same exam period.

Exams can only be deferred with a medical certificate otherwise candidates will need to pay the full fee of the exam again.

External High School Credit (British Columbia)
The BC Ministry of Education accredit Rockschool Grades 4, 5 and 6 for external highschool credit for grades 10, 11 and 12. All a 4 credit value. Please bring your passed Rockschool certificate to your high school counsellor and use Trax Code UROK10 (Grade 4 Rockschool), UROK11 (Grade 5 Rockschool), UROK 12 (Grade 6 Rockschool)

Rockschool Exam Fees

Premiere $78
Grade 1$115
Grade 2$120
Grade 3$120
Grade 4$126
Grade 5$132
Grade 6$152
Grade 7$200
Grade 8$345

Music Production Exam Fees

Grade 1$98
Grade 2$102
Grade 3$102
Grade 4$107
Grade 5$112
Grade 6$129
Grade 7$170
Grade 8$293

PAA Exam Fees

Grade 1$37
Grade 2$42
Grade 3$48
Grade 4$58
Grade 5$63
Grade 6$74
Grade 7$84
Grade 8$94

Music Theory Exam Fees

Grade 1$58
Grade 2$63
Grade 3$68
Grade 4$68
Grade 5$74
Grade 6$84
Grade 7$105
Grade 8$178

Teaching Diploma Fees

Performing L4$499
Performing L6$848
Teaching L4$688
Teaching L6$941

Contact Your Canadian Representative

Wentworth Music

Name: Noel Wentworth
106-1634 Harvey Ave.
British Columbia
V1Y 6G2
Phone: 250-860-2251
TF: 1-888-860-2751