It’s time one of the world’s most sensational pop groups makes an appearance on the Classical in Conversation blog! With Beyoncé Knowles at the helm, Destiny’s Child was always sure to be a success…

Worldwide Hits

Not forgetting, of course, that this incredible girl group isn’t complete without other best-known members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. After a few years of limited success, Destiny’s Child shot to fame and mainstream success with “No, No, No”, and their best-selling studio album The Writing’s on the Wall. This album brought two number one songs to the world, songs which many of us still party to in 2021 - “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name”.

The group were just getting started. Their third album, released in 2001, gave us more worldwide hits, “Independent Women”, “Survivor” and “Bootylicious”. These tracks have become so iconic, and a real representative sound of the noughties. In fact, Destiny’s Child were the ninth most successful artist of the 2000s!

After this album, the group took a couple of years off before coming back and dropping more (yes MORE!) hit records. “Lose My Breath” and “Soldier” are two of the biggest tracks from their fifth and final album Destiny Fulfilled.


It goes without saying that “Survivor” is such an iconic track. You’ll almost certainly have noticed that the violin is embraced in this song – you only need to hear the introduction for a glimpse of that. We knew that this violin moment absolutely belonged in our RSL Classical Violin syllabus.

“Survivor” really brings the contemporary R&B to the violin syllabus that we all need, so you can balance the Bartok with the Beyoncé. Contemporary string playing is becoming increasingly important for professional string players all over the world and this simply cannot be ignored. As with any arrangement of a contemporary pop song, it is very worthwhile spending time studying the original recording of “Survivor” to give you stylistic pointers when preparing your performance. Our arrangement brings together both the characteristic opening arpeggios and Beyoncé’s melody too.

Destiny’s Child officially called it a day in 2006, though fans have been pleasantly surprised for their return for a couple of performances over the years, including the 2013 Superbowl Half-Time Show and Coachella Festival 2018. Beyoncé, if you’re reading this, we’re patiently waiting for the next reunion, please and thank you.

To this day the group have sold over 60 million records worldwide, and have been nominated for fourteen Grammy Awards (and won three of them!). Whilst we’ll never get to hear a new Destiny’s Child track (though, never say never), they will always have a place on our party playlist, in our hearts, and now, in our violin repertoire!

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