The RSL China office recently organised a four-day national reps conference in Xi’an: one of China’s Four Great Ancient Capitals with a pretty substantial two-thousand-year history!

The conference ran across the 13th-14th May with over 150 teachers from the RSL China network attending from all over the region. It was a great opportunity for teachers from all over the country to integrate and share their teaching experiences. RSL China’s General Manager, Lillian Lan, shared her thoughts on 2018, alongside the challenges and opportunities she sees for this year and beyond.

The event also featured a Piano and Keys concert to demonstrate the broad array of choice available within the brand-new Piano and Keys syllabuses. RSL’s Head of Academic, Tim Bennett-Hart, was also in attendance and used this opportunity to further develop ideas around the growth of Music Production as well as 2 seminars on improvisation and group teaching using the new Piano and Keys material.

The next two days (15th-16th) followed with over 60 music teachers attending an introductory Level 4 Teacher Training course lead by Tim. The training covered: teaching methods, group vs. one-on-one teaching, assessment criteria, mock exams, video analysis and a written tests.

We are pleased with all the great feedback from the attendees and are very proud that they were able to pack so much into the schedule over the four intensive (but fun!) days.

We’d like to thank Lillian and the entire RSL China team and look forward to another busy year in the East!