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We are excited to be exhibiting at the NEC Education Show on the 15-16th of March, 2018.  Join a variety of talented professionals from the education industry ranging from: thought leaders, exhibitors, sponsors and trade buyers. This is a great opportunity for schools, colleges and training provider representatives to develop ideas and reflect on their current strategies.

The Education Show is known for helping to bring classrooms to life, and we will be there sharing our own top tips and advice to help you further inspire the next generation of learners. Our team will also be discussing the wider benefits of Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Vocational Qualification’s and Performance Arts Awards: tailor-made qualifications for all-comers.

There will be some great seminars across both days; brought to you by informed, enthusiastic education professionals, with a wealth of experience in the sector. Click here to see the full seminar programme to find the talks that best address your interests.

Seminars include:





Period B: Rockschool exams and extra-curricular activities

March 7th, 2018 by

Period B: Rockschool Exams and Extra-Curricular Activities

It’s that time of year again! Summer is just around the corner and many of you will be thinking deeply about your university applications. For those that weren’t aware, RSL’s level 3 (Grades 6, 7 and 8) exams carry UCAS points: a vital currency attached to HE applications;  and we love nothing more than to hear success stories from candidates who achieved their goals via this academic boost; and enjoyed a successful journey into the learning institution of their choice (especially when they’re going to study music!).

Extra-curricular study is not only extremely valuable when it comes to proving yourself on paper, but it is also beneficial for enhancing your skills outside the classroom; presenting students as: independent, mature, and personally responsible.  Succeeding in an activity you genuinely enjoy, outside of regular school hours, as also goes a long way to strengthening self-esteem, self-discipline and confidence in achieving goals you have set for yourself.

Including extracurricular activities on a CV also helps the student’s profile stand out from the crowd in a non-educational sense: it suggests initiative,expresses that the student has the ability to motivate themselves without encouragement, and that they have developed great social skills,with a lot of extra-curricular activities being carried out in team-based environments.

Many studies have also shown that students who took part in extra-curricular activities outperformed their peers and improved work habits and behaviour, which is reflective in a high number of head of admissions at universities stating they often look at what potential students are doing outside of their studies, placing added value on extra-curricular activities, due to predicted A-level grades not always being a reliable resource when it comes to evaluating applicants.

When it comes to mastering more than one instrument RSL is the place to start! Multi-instrumentalist can choose from our list of popular instruments, which include: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard&piano and much more! UCAS points can be added together across all level 3 grades and instruments, so nothing is to stop candidates taking advantage of the opportunity to accrue as many points as possible.

Summer Exams 2018

If you would like to gain a music qualification, and UCAS points, before sending off the uni applications, please be aware that the deadline for the RSL Period B  is set for the 1st April 2018  with examinations taking place 1st May – 31 July

To enter for your exam you can enter here 

Contact Us!

If you would like to share some additional benefits you have experienced as a result of an extra curriculum activities, please email

Best of luck!

The RSL Team

RSL Introduces New Music Production Exam Centres

March 5th, 2018 by

RSL Introduces New Music Production Exam Centres

RSL is excited to announce that we have a selection of brand new Music Production exam centres to add to our successful list of growing venues.

Absolute Music | Access To Music,  Lincoln | Cork School of Music | DBS Plymouth |
Edinburgh College | Middlesbrough College | NorthEast Scotland College | University of Wales Trinity St David | University of Huddersfield

We look forward to working with the following and want to welcome them on board!

Find out more about Rockschool Music Production here!

Rockschool Music Production Now Carries UCAS Points

June 6th, 2017 by

RSL are proud to announce that our Rockschool Music Production Grades are now fully recognised by UCAS, ensuring that all candidates who successfully navigate their Grades 6, 7 and 8 exams are awarded the equivalent amount of UCAS points currently given to all UK accredited music grades.

These tariff points are used for applications submitted for the 2017 admissions cycle onwards (i.e. for students making applications from September 2016 for full-time courses starting from September 2017).

A completely different scale will also be implemented as of September, but rest assured that the ‘value’ of each qualification will remain exactly the same.

The key changes are as follows:

The number of points assigned to grades has changed, with the figures becoming much smaller. For example, while an A at A Level used to equal 120 points, it is now worth 48

AS Levels are now worth 40% of a full A Level (A2), as opposed to the previous system, in which they were worth 50%

Universities have changed their offers to reflect the new tariff. In other words, don’t go thinking that your A* is now worth a third of what it used to be!

Lastly, we’d like to wish everyone the best of luck in their upcoming summer exams!

The RSL Team

For more information on RSL & UCAS, please click here.