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Rockschool’s winter exam season – accepting entries now!

September 3rd, 2020 by

You’re in great hands with Rockschool.

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other! We’re delighted to bring you back a sense of normality with Rockschool’s winter face-to-face graded music exam period going ahead as planned. Of course, the safety of our examiners, candidates, staff and parents is still our number one priority, so our thorough safety protocols and procedures are here to stay.

This years’ winter exams will be taking place between the 1st November and 18th December, so wrap up your months of lockdown practise by earning your next Rockschool grade!

Rockschool winter exam dates 2020 for your diary:

  • Exam Entry Deadline: 30th October 2020
  • Exam Period: 1st November – 18th December 2020


Which exam type is best for you?

Face-to-face Exams

Do not fear, our face-to-face exams are here! All Rockschool face-to-face exams are subject to strict safety guidelines, so you can enter for your exam with the confidence that your safety is our number one priority.


Recorded Video Exams

Rockschool’s digital exam solution! If you’d prefer to stay at home this winter – whether that be for health reasons or hot-chocolate-in-front-of-the-fire reasons (we support this) – you can still achieve your goals from wherever you are. Living room, bedroom, igloo…

Both the Performance Certificate (available at all grades) or Graded Certificate (available at Debut – Grade 5) can be examined as a video exam. More about that below!


For more information about our Live Video Exams, please email

Free Choice Piece Expansion

We are still accepting music from other recognised exam boards so you can get the grade that you deserve. Music in genres other than popular music, including classical, which is set for exams of other recognised boards will be automatically accepted as free choice pieces for the equivalent grade (applicable for Piano, Keyboard, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar). These performance pieces will be assessed in the same way as our own repertoire using the published RSL Awards assessment criteria, thus maintaining our high academic standards.


How to book your Rockschool exam…

Our online exam entry process is extremely simple. Whether you are taking an exam face-to-face or via video, you just need to fill out the online booking form which you can find here…


Simply log in (or make an account if you haven’t already!), and follow the step-by-step process, filling in the details about which exam you would like to take. Once you’ve submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email from RSL Awards.

Once the confirmation is received, you can sit back and relax (and practise!). We will be in contact with you about your face-to-face exam date, or your deadline date for video submission, in due course. We give a minimum of two weeks’ notice before a face-to-face exam but always aim for 4 wherever possible. An email notification will be sent to the address on the account which made the online entry.

For more information on the Rockschool exam process, please head over to our FAQs page…


Rockschool qualifications: Tailor-made for the contemporary musician

August 20th, 2020 by

Rockschool qualifications: Tailor-made for the contemporary musician.

Ranging from introductory grades all the way up to university-level of study, Rockschool’s music qualifications ensure hard work is rewarded regardless of age or musical ability.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most academically rigorous and industry relevant qualifications, designed to support all aspiring musicians, performers, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be.

Click here to jump to the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you directly to discuss how you can implement Rockschool to complement and enhance your current curriculum offering.

Grade Exams

With grade exams now available in ten different disciplines, we ensure each syllabus is developed with the care, skill and expertise to ensure that every addition is creative, innovative and industry relevant; with the objective to provide access to music education for the many, not the few.

Graded exams available in:

Rockschool Grade Books

Career Progression

Rockschool provides a range of complementary and alternative qualifications which can be taught within and alongside your curriculum, providing excellent and flexible progression routes into the Creative Industries worth over £11bn.

UCAS Points

Develop your students’ musical skills and understanding to support Key Stage 3, GCSE and VQ learning, with Rockschool Grades 6–8 carrying up to 30 UCAS Points.

Social Distanced Learning

Our Music Production (Grades 1 – 8) and Popular Music Theory qualifications (Debut – Grade 8) are designed to enable both independent and group learning, and can be taught in compliance with social distancing guidelines. These are an excellent way to enable musical learning in both the specialist and non-specialist classroom.

Popular Music Theory

The Rockschool Popular Music Theory syllabus runs from Debut to Grade 8 and covers topics which will help your students develop both their theoretical and practical knowledge of music.

In addition to score reading; scales; chords and rhythm; the syllabus also covers performance directions; improvisation; band knowledge and analysis which makes it an excellent course to support your music curriculum at all levels.

The syllabus functions as a fantastic complementary qualification, carries UCAS Points at Grades 6 – 8 and can be taught in a Covid-safe environment to individuals and groups. The essential guides provide you with all the information you need and are supported by student workbooks at each grade, all leading towards an exam which students can take at school or from the comfort of their own home.

Music Production

The Rockschool Music Production syllabus runs from Debut to Grade 8 and develops students’ practical and theoretical understanding of music and music production techniques. With a creative composition task making up 60% of the course, students can work at a level appropriate to them and complete the work in their own time or as part of a structured programme of learning. The remaining 40% is focussed on developing students’ musical listening skills and understanding of pop music styles and the technology used in its production.

This makes the Music Production syllabus an ideal qualification to embed into your curriculum or to deliver as part of an extra-curricular or instrumental tuition programme.

Get in touch!

Please fill in the form below and a member of our business development team will get in touch with you directly to discuss how you can implement Rockschool qualifications to complement and enhance your current curriculum offering…

Phone Number

Organisation Name / School Address (required)

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Approximately how many students do you teach?

Which RSL Awards qualifications do you currently teach?

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Rockschool Face to Face is Back!

July 20th, 2020 by

It seems like only yesterday that many countries across the world were in strict lockdown. However, as restrictions ease and our life gains a sense of normality again, we’re delighted to say that face to face Rockschool graded music exams have resumed not only in the UK, but also internationally!

Throughout lockdown our video exams have been readily available worldwide which has been positively received by schools, teachers, and students alike. Now, our exam venues are reopening for business across many countries too so that students can sit their face to face Rockschool exams! Carefully following government guidelines to ensure that your safety is utterly paramount, students have started to sit their face to face exams to ensure that they can continue their musical journey this summer and progress on their instrument.

Outside the UK, we are really pleased to see that Spain have been leading the way with getting students back in exam venues. We recently caught up with two of our Rockschool examiners, Kostka García and Angela Gomes, who are currently welcoming back candidates to the exam room after this long period of time away. We also spoke to Vanessa Blanco from TAF Escuela Oficial de Música Moderna and David Zarandón from DZetta Music Center to hear how their students and venues have been adjusting to the ‘new normal’ in their Rockschool exams. Don’t just take our word for how much of a success these exams have been though – read on to hear their thoughts!

Kostka García, Rockschool Examiner: “It’s been great being here again after so many months. There are lots of changes but it’s all very good. I can see that lots of people have used the time to rethink how they work, and I think it’s really good news going forward.

Vanessa Blanco, TAF Escuela Oficial de Música Moderna: “It’s a great honour to be the first school to have exams after the period that’s passed with Covid. We’re very thankful for this and…to all the people that have made this possible. Step by step we are able to go back to a little bit of normality, which I think we all need.”

English version

Angela Gomes, Rockschool Examiner: “I’m very pleased to say to you that all the students are very happy to have music around them. A very huge thank you to Rockschool for the evolution throughout this pandemic era. It’s very difficult for us to be away from you!”

David Zarandón, DZetta Music Center: “[This year’s exams] have a very special meaning for us as we’re the first in the world to offer face to face exams again outside the UK. These exams show the hard work done by the teachers and students completed in these complicated months where we’ve had to reinvent ourselves.”

Spanish version

As you can see, face to face Rockschool exams are back! Students can now capitalise on the months stuck indoors practising and progress to the next grade this summer. Enter for your exam TODAY.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to become proactive in order to keep their customers’ needs met, and at RSL Awards we’ve been no exception, leading the way with a number of innovative new assessment models to help students reach the next step on their musical journey.

Free Choice Pieces

Students can now use pieces from other exam boards, including those in classical genres as Free Choice Pieces in their Rockschool exam. Learn more about our Free Choice Piece extension policy here.

Video Exams

Not ready for a face to face exam just yet? No problem! Our video exams are available worldwide for entry now. Simply enter online and you will have up to three months to submit one continuous recording of you performing your exam. There’s never been an easier way to get that next grade under your belt from the comfort of your own home.

Rockschool Graded Music Exams – Brand New Summer Exam Period!

June 29th, 2020 by

Your Rockschool summer is served! Brand new summer window for Rockschool graded music exams 2020…

We’ve taken onboard a plethora of feedback from our teachers, students, parents and partners asking us to accommodate a summer exam period, and as such, for the first time ever in Rockschool history, we’re opening another examination window from 17th August – 30th September for you to earn your Rockschool qualification this summer.

Restrictions on travelling abroad for holidays has freed-up more time for candidates to prepare and take their exam during the summer holidays. Don’t forget, a summer jaunt to your local exam centre won’t result in a two-week mandatory quarantine!

Even though lockdown measures in the UK and Ireland continue to ease, your safety is our number one priority. We’ve introduced a number of safety protocols and procedures, working closely with all our examiners and exam centres so you can enter for and complete your Rockschool exam with the confidence that everyone’s safety is paramount.

Summer exams dates for your diary:

  • Entry Window: 1st – 31st July 2020
  • Exam Period: 17th August – 30th September


What types of exams are available? The inside scoop:

Face-to-face exams:

The safety of our candidates, examiners and centre partners is paramount and we will be implementing strict safety guidelines (download here) to ensure a safe examination experience and so candidates can enter for their exam with confidence before midnight on Friday 31st July 2020.


Video Exams:

Environmentally friendly and available worldwide, this digital solution shows our commitment to providing the most accessible exam experience possible. RSL can accept and mark two types of graded music exams: Performance Certificate (Available at all Grades) and Graded Certificate (Available at Debut – Grade 5).


Free Choice Piece Expansion:

For Piano, Keyboard, Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar, music in genres other than popular music which is set for exams of other recognised boards will be automatically accepted as free choice pieces for the equivalent grade. Pieces will be assessed through examination in exactly the same way as our standard repertoire using the published assessment criteria, thereby maintaining our rigorous academic standards.



RSL Awards are aiming to run exams at our centres across the UK and Ireland as normal, though in the current climate, some venues may be amending their availability and opening hours. Please see our list of centres here to check availability.

Should your local centre not be available to run exams, then please contact us and one of our team will be able to discuss an alternative –

Amplify your Rockschool session experience with our enhanced repertoire!

June 1st, 2020 by

We’ve added new vocals to the mix on 68 tracks across our Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keys syllabuses!

We’re regularly told how engaging our repertoire is, especially when students can play along to Rockschool tunes they love that include vocals. For this reason, we’ve added new vocal parts to the mixes on 68 tracks across our Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keys syllabuses.

Amplify your Rockschool session experience

Rockschool’s “session style” audio gives each player the opportunity to replicate a recording session or live performance each time they sit down to practise. This not only allows students to develop a better sense of time and rhythm; it also presents the perfect habitat for each session to encourage the evolution of each players’ interpretation of tone and the stylistic choices their playing can navigate

The structure and notation of the updated tracks will remain exactly the same so students will be able to transition to the new audio seamlessly without any modifications to their performances.

The roster of classic and contemporary artists that feature across the syllabuses with enhanced audio includes: Ed Sheeran, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Nirvana, Bruno Mars, Eric Clapton, Adele, Beyoncé, Sam Smith, The Beatles, D’Angelo, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Drake, Chaka Khan, U2, James Brown, Grace Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay, Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson – and many, many more! You can download the full list of updated tracks below.

Rockschool Backing Vocals Enhanced Repertoire: Full List

How to re-download and when will they be used in exams?

To access the updated audio, simply log back into your RSL account and re-download your existing content at no extra cost.*


*If you have reached your download limit, please contact

The new audio tracks will be available to use in all Rockschool graded music exams moving forward, with the UK & Ire’s first Rockschool face-to-face exam period since lockdown measures were introduced re-commencing in July 2020. Please find out more about the safety protocols we’re implementing across our exam venues here…

Candidates will be able to use either the existing audio (instrumental) or new audio (including vocals) going forward in exams for the lifetime of each syllabus. The downloaded audio includes both versions, giving all Rockschool candidates the flexibility of choice so they can perform to the best of their abilities.

Updated Rockschool Audio - Re-download for free!

Introducing the RSL Awards Digital Marksheets

May 4th, 2020 by

Introducing the RSL Awards Digital Marksheets and understanding the Assessment Criteria.


RSL Awards is proud to announce that from the 4th May all Rockschool Graded Music Exams (excluding Theory and Music Production) and Performing Arts Awards Musical Theatre qualifications will be marked by examiners digitally. We wanted to highlight a few of the reasons why we have made this change and the benefits that it will give candidates.

It’s worth pointing out from the start that this work has taken over 18 months of refinement and testing to ensure that the standards we apply in exams remain unchanged. However, the processes behind the exams will enhance our customer service and the experience of the candidates.

We want to demystify the examining process so that teachers and candidates can prepare for their exam really understanding our approach to assessment.

Learning Outcomes

There are 3 learning outcomes in Rockschool graded music exams.

  • Be able to perform music in popular musical styles.
  • Be able to demonstrate technical ability on an instrument/voice through responding to set technical demands.
  • Be able to demonstrate musical understanding through a range of set tests.

Graded Examinations reference all three learning outcomes, whereas Performance Certificates only require the first outcome to be met.

What are Assessment Criteria?

  • Assessment Criteria are how we assess the learning outcomes.
  • They are applied to evidence musical outcomes at progressing grades. Each criteria is equally weighted.
  • Each is considered / marked separately.
  • The combination gives the total mark for each piece/supporting test.

Assessment Criteria

1. Command of Instrument

The quality of the sound produced from the instrument, including the consistency of sound/tone, control of sound/tone commensurate with grade.

2. Sync or Pulse

Alignment of the performance to backing track, metronome or applied to a solo performance, observing notation markings. For unaccompanied pieces candidates should maintain a secure internal pulse and adjust the pulse where instructed within the music.

3. Accuracy and Understanding

Representing the written notation accurately, except by instruction through performance notes, or interpreting the written part with equivalent skills demonstrated. Secure understanding of musical structure evidenced through transitions of phrases, bars and sections.

4. Style and Expression

An expressive and commanding performance of the notated material dictated by the demands of the performance piece.

Awarding Marks

When we award marks, we relate entirely to the assessment criteria. The mark is determined by extent to which the average is evidenced overall.

  • Criteria achieved SOME of the time: PASS (‘OK’)
  • Criteria achieved MOST of the time: MERIT (‘GOOD’)
  • Criteria achieved ALL of the time: DISTINCTION (‘EXCELLENT’)

The overall mark is determined by extent to which the average is evidenced overall.

For the updated PAA Musical Theatre Learning Outcomes, Attainment Bands, Weighting and Grading Criteria, please click here…

Assessment Criteria & Digital Marksheet Information Pack


The Benefits of Digital Marksheets

Moving to digital marksheets has a number of advantages for candidates and teachers:

Clearer and Easier to Understand

We want our exams to be as accessible as possible for all candidates. To enhance our approach, we have separated each of the elements of the exam into assessment criteria that are easy to understand – the examiner will give candidates a grade for each of these elements which will combine to create a final score.

Speed of Results

Using a digital marksheet allows our examiners to upload results directly to a candidate’s profile on the RSL Awards site, rather than posting a hard copy report form. There are still rigorous quality checks to go through, but, we are confident that candidates will see their results quicker.

Environmental Benefits

An added benefit, and something we are very committed to, is the reduction in paper use and the carbon impact of transporting marksheets. These enhancements to our process will save hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper being transported across the world.


We don’t believe that the way we examine should be kept secret. By being completely transparent about the elements of a performance we are grading, we hope that teachers and candidates will be able to focus on their preparation for examinations. In time, we hope that this will reduce any anxious or nervous feelings as candidates take exams and benchmark their learning.

No matter what the outcome, RSL Awards exams should be a positive part of the learning process, affirming the progress of a student and giving them clear goals to try and achieve.

Consistency Across Instruments

Within the Rockschool Grades, all instruments will now be marked with the same consistent use of assessment criteria, across all grades. We hope that this will help teachers or candidates who teach/ study multiple instruments.

For more information on our digital marksheets, assessment criteria, a full breakdown of how marks are awarded alongside a list of frequently asked questions, please download our information pack by hitting the button below.

Assessment Criteria & Digital Marksheet Information Pack

Free Choice Pieces | Music Exam Board and Genre Extension – Classical Music now Accepted

April 30th, 2020 by

We have extended the range of music accepted for use in our examinations, allowing students from other music exams boards to still achieve their qualifications!


Following communications received both directly and via social media, we have become aware that there are a number of students who are currently unable to take Graded Music exams with a variety of music examination boards. In some cases this has meant they are unable to gain the UCAS points awarded at Grades 6-8 and progress to their chosen higher education course.

RSL Awards are able to deliver the examination of graded exams through asynchronous recorded submission, since the successful launch of our video exams. Therefore, to ensure that as many students as possible are able to gain their expected qualification, we have extended the range of music accepted for use in our examinations.

For Piano, Keyboard, Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar, music in genres other than popular music which is set for exams of other recognised boards will be automatically accepted as free choice pieces for the equivalent grade. Candidates will also be able to check the suitability of any wider repertoire in other genres through the established Free Choice Piece checking process. Pieces will be assessed through examination in exactly the same way as our standard repertoire using the published assessment criteria, thereby maintaining our rigorous academic standards.

The inclusion of this repertoire will allow candidates to play pieces they have prepared for other graded examination boards in their RSL Awards Graded Exam. However, the number of free choice pieces allowed in RSL Graded Music exams will not change, meaning that a proportion of the music performed will continue to be in popular music styles.

Types of Exam Available

Graded Examination

  • 3 Performance Pieces (2 of which may now be free choice pieces using any genre)
  • Technical Exercises
  • Unprepared Work

Graded Certificate – Video Exam

  • 3 Performance Pieces (2 of which may now be free choice pieces using any genre)
  • Technical Exercises

Performance Certificate – Video Exam

  • 5 Performance Pieces (3 of which may now be free choice pieces using any genre)

Teachers: Download your free sample packs!

To help you understand the content and process of Rockschool’s examination process, simply download our sample packs below!

Rockschool Acoustic Sample Pack Rockschool Piano Sample Pack Rockschool Keys Sample Pack

RSL Awards is taking this action in the context of measures proposed by the UK Government and the examinations regulators to ensure that as many students as possible are able to achieve qualifications this year, by means of adaption to normal examination processes where necessary.

We will continue this adaptation for a period of 1 year, or until the effects of Covid-19 materially change (whichever is sooner).

RSL Awards Launches Video Exams

March 27th, 2020 by

RSL Awards launches Video Exams!

At RSL Awards, we pride ourselves in the trust and confidence that our dedicated community has in us to deliver outstanding examination experiences. We’re taking this a step further, and we are delighted to announce the launch of our Video Exams.

Video exams mean you now have the flexibility to take your exam from a place of your convenience, entailing less travel, no waiting time, and contributing to a more environmentally friendly world. We don’t want any extenuating circumstances to stop you from achieving your goals to develop as a musician, whether that’s the COVID-19 pandemic, underlying stress or anxiety issues or location based travel barriers – we recognise all the hard work you have done towards preparing for your exam thus far and we are thrilled to offer you this digital solution.

Video Exams

We are ready to help you every step of the way to self-record and submit your video exams and will work closely with candidates, teachers and partners to provide advice and guidance to moving your exam experience online. Furthermore, recording and uploading your video exam will also meet the same fair and accurate evaluation criteria from the examiner.

What types of video exam are available?

Candidates have the option of two types of recorded exam:

  • Performance Certificate (Debut – Grade 8): Record and upload five performance pieces (up to three can be free choice pieces)
  • Graded Certificate (Debut – Grade 5): Record and upload three performance pieces (up to two free choice pieces) and ALL of the technical exercises in the Rockschool Gradebook.Please refer to our Technical Exercise Guidance for a comprehensive list of requirements.

Both of these exams can be taken at a time and place that suits you simply by submitting a continuous and unedited video of you performing all the appropriate prepared elements in a similar way to a standard face-to-face exam. The same exam criteria will be applied but you will not be assessed on the Unseen Tests.


RSL Awards Video Exams – How to Guide

We are committed to making sure this is an academically-rigorous, high quality and authentic experience so you will need to make sure that:

  • The equipment you have can record you and all the relevant backing tracks effectively
  • It is in a format that can easily be submitted to our secure online portal

Our examiners will then be able to view your exam and provide an accurate assessment of your achievements, providing feedback and your final mark in line with our usual practices.

Please visit our dedicated Video Exam online resource for more information about the intricacies of each exam available, how to submit your video exam, video framing and audio capture guidance, and further supporting videos to help you capture your exam in the highest quality possible.


The team at RSL Awards will provide you with any further support and guidance you need to make sure you can prepare, record and upload your exam as smoothly as possible. Get in touch with the team here…


If you have already entered for an exam this academic year, we will continue to hold your booking and schedule your face-to-face exam as soon as we are able to, but, if you would like to amend your booking an online recorded exam, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team!


There is no question that COVID-19 is changing the world of contemporary arts and music education, and evaluating students can no longer be restricted to the four walls of the examination centre. Exams can happen anytime and anywhere with the simple aid of modern-day technology tools and the internet.

Examination Update: COVID-19

March 27th, 2020 by


At RSL Awards, we pride ourselves in the trust and confidence that our dedicated community has in us to deliver outstanding examination experiences. We’re taking this a step further, and we are delighted to announce the launch of our Video Exams.

Environmentally friendly, no waiting times, reduced stress and available worldwide, this digital solution shows our commitment to providing the most accessible exam experience possible.


Video Exams now rollin


Following the UK Government’s announcement yesterday, and with a view to looking after the health of our entire RSL community of learners, teachers and examiners, we have decided to defer our remaining UK Graded Music Exams and PAA exams for Period A (1st February – 31st March). We will be in touch to re-arrange exams in due course. This will come into effect from Monday 23 March, and exams scheduled for this weekend will go ahead as planned, with the exception of days that have already been postponed (please scroll below).

At RSL Awards, we recognise the dedication and passion our candidates have to achieving results and progressing with their respective disciplines. To support this, we will shortly be sharing details how learners can enter their music exam performances via video submission. We believe that COVID-19 should not, and will not deprive any candidates of their learning achievements . We would like to reassure our candidates that exams can be done anytime and anywhere, within the comfort of your home.

Detailed instructional videos and guidance to recording your exam from home will follow shortly. In the meantime, you can still enter for your Period B exam HERE…

Correct as of 20th March 2020


As the UK’s leading and most trusted contemporary arts awarding body, the wellbeing and safety of our candidates and staff is our highest priority. In the event that your exam is cancelled due to a COVID-19 virus related incident or a UK government directive, our friendly customer service team will contact you in due course with alternative dates.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19, visit: UK government and Public Health England.

The following exam sessions in the UK & Republic of Ireland will be rescheduled. Our team will contact you directly in due course with alternative dates. For any further information, please contact us on

Graded Music / PAA Exams

  • 14th March 2020: Blanchardstown School of Music
  • 15th March 2020: Blanchardstown School of Music
  • 18th March 2020: The Rhythm Studio, Ladbroke Grove
  • 19th March 2020: April Media, Plymouth
  • 19th March 2020: Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe
  • 20th March 2020: Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe
  • 20th March 2020: The Forum, Darlington
  • 21st March 2020: Access Creative College, Norwich
  • 21st March 2020: Music Heroes, Shrewsbury
  • 21st March 2020: Hook Centre
  • 21st March 2020: Access Creative College, Lincoln
  • 21st March 2020: Bleeding Ear Studios, Southend
  • 21st March 2020: Cheadle Hulme School
  • 21st March 2020: Yamaha Music School, Milton Keynes
  • 21st March 2020: Stagecoach Grimsby
  • 21st March 2020: Alton College
  • 21st March 2020: Portsmouth Music Academy
  • 21st March 2020: Music Base, Edinburgh
  • 22nd March 2020: Music Base, Edinburgh
  • 22nd March 2020: Academy of Music & Sound Exeter
  • 22nd March 2020: Saint Benedict Catholic School, Derby
  • 22nd March 2020: Bury St Edmunds County Upper School
  • 22nd March 2020: JASPA, Corsham
  • 23RD MARCH 2020 ONWARDS : ALL POSTPONED. Please refer to message at top of page

Music Theory Exams

  • 21st March 2020: The Rhythm Studio, Ladbroke Grove
  • 21st March 2020: Cranleigh School
  • 21st March 2020: Saint Benedict Catholic School, Derby

Music Production Exams

  • 21st March 2020: Academy of Music & Sound Exeter
  • 21st March 2020: Future Skills Manchester
  • 21st March 2020: Access Creative College, Norwich
  • 21st March 2020: Access Creative College, Birmingham
  • 21st March 2020: Access Creative College, Bristol
  • 28th March 2020: Edinburgh College

For any scheduled exams outside the UK, please check with our International Team ( should you have any concerns.

A message from our CEO, John Simpson (16/3/20)

“To all in the RSL community, thank you all for continued loyalty and trust in RSL Awards in these unprecedented times. The health and safety of all our candidates, teachers, parents, examiners and staff remains our highest priority. The situation is fast moving and we are closely monitoring developments from the UK Government and Public Health England and following advice as appropriate.

The entry process for the UK exam period B (for exams taking place between the 1st May – End July) is currently open. We will be scheduling all these UK & Ireland exams as planned for that period. However, if circumstances force us to make changes, we will defer them to a later date and ensure minimum inconvenience. Please book with the confidence that we will be able to deliver these exams. If changes are required, our customer service team will contact those affected as soon as possible in order to provide clarity and minimise disruption.”

For further information, please download the letter in full below…

A message from RSL Awards CEO John Simpson: COVID–19