Can your students have successful business careers in the music industry?

In short, yes! There’s a huge opportunity for successful careers in music, over and above being a musician. We’re here to give you the tools to build engaging music business courses for your students with the Entrepreneurship pathway as part of the Creative Music Industry qualification suite.

The UK Music Industry contributes a whopping £5.8bn to the UK economy. This only happens thanks to a dedicated eco-system of music industry professionals. Whether your learners want to work for a record label, become music supervisors, run their own festivals or manage the biggest artists, you can build a tailored music business qualification that will set them up for Higher Education or employment directly in the music industry.

Releases and tours don’t just happen overnight. The Creative Music Industry Entrepreneurship pathway (available at levels 1–3) enables learners to become the next generation of innovators by giving them a grounding in all aspects of the music business and preparing them to pursue a career that rewards creativity and business know-how with impressive results.

Learners will demonstrate sound business and financial acumen, develop marketing skills, gain an understanding of contracts and copyright, all whilst familiarising themselves with freelance practice and the wider contextual issues of the music industry.

If you’re a teacher, head of department, curriculum manager, principal, or you have a cohort of learners looking to succeed in the Creative Industries, RSL Awards’ flexible and industry relevant Vocational Qualifications are perfect for you to deliver at your centre! Download the syllabus below to see how you can build the perfect qualification for your students…

Download the Creative Music Industry Syllabus

What careers can a Music Business qualification lead to?

  • Record Label Executive
  • A&R Director
  • Music Lawyer
  • Music Publisher
  • Music Supervisor
  • Royalties Co-ordinator
  • Merchandiser
  • Booking Agent
  • Tour Manager
  • Promoter
  • Stage Manager
  • Festival Director
  • Music PR
  • Music Journalist
  • Publicist
  • Band Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Select Creative Music Industry Entrepreneurship Pathway Unit Examples

Please download the syllabus specification for the full range of core and optional units.

Unit Example: Setting up a Music Business

This unit will identify the key entrepreneurial skills required for a music business startup and how to communicate a new business proposition. Through a comparative skills analysis, learners will establish whether they have the necessary abilities to run their own business and where their personal strengths and weaknesses are. They will identify a market opportunity for a new business and research and evidence a business case to demonstrate its viability.

VQ Careers - Music Supervisor

Unit Example: Music Contracts

This unit aims to develop learners’ understanding of the use and application of contracts in the UK music industry. The purpose of the unit is to provide opportunities to analyse examples of a range of contract types and case studies in which they have been used. Learners will focus on key areas relevant to their own work and areas of interest. Through this, they will understand key terms and implications within a range of music contracts relevant to their own areas of activity. This will serve to further develop learners’ understanding of the sector and, ultimately, their awareness of opportunities within it.

VQ Careers - music industry exec

Unit Example: Copyright and Music

The music industry, and in particular the recording and publishing sector, have copyright at the heart of their business model. Revenue in these sectors is generated mainly through ownership, assignment and exploitation of copyright. In order to engage with the industry, practitioners need to have a good understanding of copyright law and the rights afforded to them in the creation of original works and recordings. In the digital age, it is more crucial than ever to understand ownership of works as there is a growing expectation that these rights will be waived.

Unit Example: Royalties and Music

This unit aims to develop learners’ understanding of revenue streams within the UK music industry by focusing on generating income from royalties. The purpose of the unit is to provide opportunities to explore the mechanisms for the collection and distribution of royalties, the main organisations involved in this area of the music industry and how this knowledge may be applied to generating income from learners’ own musical activity.

VQ Careers - A&R Manager

Unit Example: Selling Recorded Music

The rapid growth in the digital music sector over recent years has had a sizeable impact on the ways in which recorded music is sold. Artist choice is greater than ever — customers can be accessed directly using the ever-growing range of providers and tools available online. However, whilst access to the marketplace is greater than ever, the challenges of marketing and promoting product remain. More than ever, artists need to be able to make informed decisions about the ‘route to market’ for their product.

VQ Careers - Music Publisher

Unit Example: Music Publishing

This unit aims to develop learners’ understanding of the publishing process and its use and application within the UK music industry. The purpose of the unit is to provide opportunities for learners to explore their own potential to exploit their output as writers in the future. An understanding of how copyright of original works can be exploited to create revenue, with an understanding of the diversity of the marketplace in publishing music and the different organisations and companies involved in the process, will combine to inform artistic and commercial decision making.

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