What are the benefits of RSL’s innovative Recorded and Live Stream Digital exams?

Accessible, cost-effective exams that you can do in the comfort of your home seems like an option that is too good to be true. But here at RSL Awards we offer you the option to take your exam digitally from anywhere in the world.

With RSL Recorded and Live Stream Digital Exams, you can stream your exam with an examiner in real time, or record it in advance at a time convenient to you! But are digital exams really as good as they sound? Here are a few benefits of taking our new RSL Digital Exams for your Rockschool Graded Exams or RSL Classical Exams.

The Benefits of Digital Graded Music Exams

The benefits are simple:

Take control of your exam process

Our digital exams give you the option of either attending a live stream with your examiner or submitting a recorded version of your exam. If you or your students tend to get the pre-exam jitters or suffer from performance anxiety, taking an exam in a familiar surrounding – such as your home or your teaching studio – can lower stress levels and encourage candidates to perform at their best. Their exam should be a true reflection of the hard work they have put into perfecting their craft and having the option to decrease stress is definitely worth it.

What's more, uploading your Recorded Digital Exam for RSL to mark has never been easier. We’ve introduced the ability for a person other than the payee or entrant to upload your video recording without the need of an RSL account. This means, that if your teacher is handling your video file, for example, you can send them a link to upload the recording directly to RSL Awards.

Learn more about this innovation here

Equips candidates with camera confidence

It’s no secret that we live in a digital era. From shopping habits to daily communication, everything is often done within a 5-6 inch device, and viewing performances of our favourite artists on an app is the norm. One advantage of taking RSL’s digital exams is that it equips the candidate with the ability to be able to perform confidently in front of a camera. With the rise of video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, camera confidence is key to becoming that next level performer. When asked about his students’ digital exams, guitar teacher Matt Wensor stated that these digital exams ‘...created students who were much more independent, confident, competent physically and comfortable playing in front of a camera.’

At RSL we’re always looking to equip the next generation with the skills to become proficient performers in this day and age. Having students who are fully confident in front of the camera and can perform well under pressure, are skills you can’t pick up from a text book but is a muscle that can be learnt through practice, so why not start your child or students on the road to becoming an elite digital performer now?

Personalised Feedback

Once completing an RSL Recorded Digital Exam, you will receive a video from your examiner with personalised feedback. This is the perfect chance for you to hear directly from our expert panel of examiners. You can use this feedback to understand your overall grade, and if you choose to continue your musical journey with RSL Awards (which we hope you will!), it can help you prepare for your next exam.

Please see the video below as an example of an examiner video, recorded by Stuart Slater - RSL’s Deputy Chief Examiner (Music).

Great for students with accessibility challenges

Sometimes it’s not always easy to attend a graded exam in person. At RSL, we want to afford everyone the opportunity to take a Rockschool Graded Music exam or RSL Classical exam when they are ready without the headache of having to figure how to travel hours on end to their not so local exam centre. RSL Digital exams affords the option to those who live in more remote areas or for candidates who are unable to attend their exam due to physical challenges.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Now without the need to travel to your exams, you can rest assured that you are reducing your carbon footprint by streaming or recording your student’s performance online. For the environmentally conscious musician, that is a big win for the environment and the more small steps we take to help our environment, the greater impact we can make collectively. Plus, the money saved in fuel or travel tickets can help to go to other things for you and your students.

No wait times!

Did we mention that you can schedule your exam at your convenience? Yes, that’s right. RSL Digital Exams can take place at a time that suits your timetable. Don’t have time to take your exam in the week? You can record it on the weekend. Only have one day in the week that is convenient for you? You can schedule a day that works for you and your examiner to livestream your exam. Plus, you can film multiple versions of a recorded exam as long as it’s all recorded in one continuous take and meets the relevant criteria. This means that if the first recording isn’t your best, you can record again!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what some teachers and students have said about our RSL Digital Exams.

RSL Digital Exams ‘...created students who were much more independent, confident, competent physically and comfortable playing in front of a camera. They have built their knowledge of performing, practice, recording and managing video files far beyond what a physical exam would have done, which in this ‘YouTube & Instagram Musician’ era, is not a bad thing at all. Matt Wensor, Guitar Teacher

“Rhodri has taken advantage of the digital exams and found them very beneficial, achieving multiple distinctions!” Gary Phillips, Drum Tutor

“The process is easy. A mic stand and a tablet holder allows you to get the height needed to get a really good shot.” John Poland, Drum Tutor

“I have been using RSL for a number of years now. The syllabuses help learners progress and it’s more accessible now than ever with digital exams” Gav Wilson, Guitar Teacher

“Digital exams have encouraged students who weren’t previously keen on taking exams to take them and achieve great results” Andy Franklin, Drum Tutor

“I was so relieved and delighted when Rockschool introduced video exams (during the Pandemic). It meant all my hard work would not go to waste!” Kathyrn Houghton, Grade 4 Bass Student

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