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Associate Award in Performance

Push your boundaries with our performance specialist qualifications at Level 4 and Level 6. These Associate Awards are regulated performance only qualifications that are designed to lead on from Grade 8 Graded Music and Performance Arts Awards exams.

Take your performance to the next level with RSL Awards.

Specialise in performance and get the recognition your technical skills deserve, no matter your age or location.

Associate Award: Key features

  • Available to learners of any age
  • Learners can continue developing their performance skills in music and performing arts beyond Grade 8.
  • Assessment solely based on a performance, there are no written components
  • Externally assessed by RSL’s expert examining panel
  • The qualifications carry post-nominals: PRSL (Practitioner of RSL) at L4 and APRSL (Advanced Practitioner of RSL) at L6.

Keep Your Progress on Track

If you or your students have successfully completed a Grade 8 Rockschool, RSL Classical or PAA exam, these qualifications look to take performance skills to a professional level.


Complete Accessibility

The Associate Award offers practical alternatives to RSL’s Professional Diplomas and allow learners of any age to continue developing their performance skills beyond Grade 8. All evidence is submitted online for external assessment by RSL by individual candidates.


Practically Focused

There are no written components to these qualifications. Assessment is solely based on performance, providing recognition of a higher level of technical and professional performance skills.

Rockschool Academic

Post Nominals

Achievement of these qualifications entitle you to use the following post nominal letters after your name at Level 4 and Level 6 respectively: PRSL (Practitioner of RSL) and APRSL (Advanced Practitioner of RSL).


Academically Rigorous

The PRSL qualification (RQF Level 4) is broadly equivalent in terms of performance demand to the first year of a university degree, whilst the APRSL (RQF Level 6) is equivalent to the performance demand of a final year of an undergraduate degree.


Candidate Support

Indicative repertoire lists demonstrate how these qualifications can be undertaken in a range of styles or genres, exemplifying the standard expected at each level. Submission guidance and information on how to select an appropriate theme are also available to candidates.

How it works

Get started with your performance specialist qualification effortlessly. Let us guide you through the simple steps to get started…


Download the syllabus

Download the supporting guidance to review the requirements and processes, including repertoire approval guidance, for this qualification.


Purchase your entry

Purchase your entry to gain access to your unit modules and submissions portal.


Gain your qualification

Upload your work to our submissions portal for moderation by our expert examining panel.

Entry Requirements

While there are no formal entry requirements for these qualifications, Level 4 qualifications are broadly equivalent in terms of demand, but not in terms of size, to the first year of a university degree and Level 6 qualifications are broadly equivalent in terms of demand, but not in terms of size, to the final year of an undergraduate degree. Indicative repertoire lists are available for a range of disciplines. In addition to providing repertoire suggestions, these are also a useful resource to gain further insight into the level of skill required for these qualifications and prospective candidates should be directed toward these for guidance on the level of demand.

Your Standout Performance

The Level 4 and Level 6 Associate Awards are for individual candidates of any age looking to undertake a qualification that focuses solely on performance beyond Grade 8 in music or performing arts. These qualifications empower candidates to push their boundaries and unleash their potential as performers, whilst offering a practical alternative to the RSL Professional Diplomas.

The content of the performance is dictated by the complexity of the repertoire chosen for an individual discipline/instrument as described in the syllabus specifications. You may choose one of the following disciplines/instruments which is offered by RSL.



Any discipline that RSL currently offers at Grade 8:

  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Classical Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Vocals
  • Classical Violin
PAA Street Dance



  • Street Dance
  • Jazz Dance


Performing Arts


  • Musical Theatre (Acting and/or Singing and/or Dancing)
  • Acting

Performance Duration

You will be expected to perform a programme of own choice pieces with a duration of:

35 minutes at Level 4
40 minutes at Level 6

Please download the indicative repertoire lists below…

Purchase Your Entries

Purchase your entries for the Associate Award in Performance via our online shop. You will then be able complete your entry details and access any relevant qualification resources.

Associate Award: Level 6

Associate Award: Level 4

Associate Award Fees

Please see the information below for all relevant UK fees

Exam Grade Price (GBP)
Associate Award Level 4 £170
Associate Award Level 6 £230

Late Entry, Date Changes & Deferrals

Service Fee
Retake Fee £35
Extension Year one free. £15 if deferring booking past two years.

Enquiries About Results/Appeals

Service Fee Cap for multiple candidates Refundable
Clerical Check £10 £50 No
Remark Remark of a Single unit = 12.5% of total fee with the same cap applied for multiple learners 12.5% of total fee if there is a change of grade
First level appeal 60% of exam fee £150 if enquiry is upheld
Second level appeal 75% of exam fee £200 if enquiry is upheld

Replacement Certificate

Service Fee
Replacement Certificate £10

Key Dates

There are no set dates for the Associate Award, you can enter anytime. You have one year to complete your qualification. Extensions to this time can be applied for by directly contacting RSL Awards.

RSL Key Dates

Getting Started

Once you’ve purchased your Associate Award entries, sign in to complete your entry details and access your qualification resources.

General Information

For operational, general information and FAQs relating to our Performance Specialist, please head over to our help centre.

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