RSL Awards Vision & Mission Statement


To be a global leader in contemporary arts education, enabling everyone everywhere, to develop and fulfil their own individual talent and potential.


To create a wide range of innovative, contemporary arts qualifications and resources across the world that are engaging and inspiring to learn and teach. Rigorous by design but flexible in nature, they are exciting, industry relevant and progress oriented.



We are market leading, innovative and forward thinking. We are passionate about what we do and not afraid to disrupt.


We are friendly, caring and fair. We respect cultural diversity and individualism and believe that contemporary arts education should be accessible to all.


We deliver the highest standards of excellence to support the aspirations of our learners and teachers. We never stop looking for ways to improve.


We are clear and transparent and believe in being honest with our partners, teachers, learners and each other. We take responsibility for our actions and listen to others.


We are respectful of the environment in which we work and actively seek out ways to operate in more sustainable ways. We strive to make a positive impact through creative learning.


Our highly motivated team delight in delivering innovative solutions. We are ambitious and enjoy working with people that challenge our thinking.