RSL takes the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults extremely seriously and has put in place as many preventative measures as possible within its assessment structure and processes. An outline of these is provided below along with all relevant documentation.

All RSL Safeguarding procedure has been prepared in conjunction with Safe Network, and in accordance with Section 11 of the Children Act 2004. It has also been checked and verified by a qualified Safeguarding trainer. All RSL staff and associates are expected to adhere to the DfE’s advice What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused.

Further to this Rockschool implements the following policies and procedures in regards to Safeguarding.




Reporting A Concern

A clear process of reporting any concerns, witnessed disclosure and/or events has been established and forms to do this can be found below.

Protection of Candidate Data

All candidate data, regardless of age or ability, is securely held and distributed only at need in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. This includes all online data collected for entry purposes; please see our Privacy page for more information on this.

Policies & Process

DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
RSL Policy Statement421KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Reporting and Dealing with Safeguarding338KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Centres & Stewards - GME335KBPDF1 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Examiners - GME485KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Centres – Music Production and Music Theory427KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Examiners – PAA415KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Invigilators – Music Production and Music Theory419KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Safeguarding Guidance for Principles/Teachers - PAA474KBPDF2 (Updated Aug 2019)
Identifying Abuse247KBPDF1 (Updated Aug 2019)


DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
Reporting and Dealing With Concerns515KBPDF3 (Updated March 2019)
Reporting a Concern About Us/To us265KBPDF2 (Updated March 2019)

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