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The Russian Ballet Society was founded to promote the teaching of the Legat System of Ballet, a dynamic and artistic style created by Nicolas Legat. Please note that the Russian Ballet Society are in no way linked to the country of Russia.

The Legat System of Classical Ballet is a free-flowing style with a strong basic technique, developed through a constant variation of enchaînements.

Once mastery of the basic steps has been achieved, these are arranged in a variety of combinations within their groupings, so that the brain is constantly stimulated and ultimate virtuosity of the body and the limbs are attained.

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Syllabus details are available to download here:

Graded Examinations in Dance – 2022 Specification

RSL Vocational Graded Examinations Syllabus 2020

Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Dance – Syllabus Specification

Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts – Syllabus Specification

Russian Ballet Society – Partner Organisations Fees

Russian Ballet Society Fees – Classical Ballet. Please note: there are several pages to this table. Please hit next to view more fees...
Classical BalletFee
Grade 1 - Pre-Preparatory£33
Grade 2 - Preparatory£34
Grade 3 - Primary£36
Grade 4 - Grade 1£39
Grade 5 - Grade 2£40
Intermediate Foundation - Grade 3£42
Intermediate - Grade 4£47
Advanced Foundation - Elementary£52
Advanced 1 - Intermediate£56
Advanced 2 – Advanced£63
Advanced 2 - Soloist£68
Advanced 2 - Ballerina/o£75
Primary Teacher£126
Junior Teacher£134
Intermediate Teacher£161
Senior Teacher£183
Russian Ballet Society Fees – Character Examinations.
Character ExaminationsFee
Advanced Foundation - Pre-Elementary£46
Advanced 1 - Elementary£49
Advanced 1 - Intermediate£53
Advanced 2 – Advanced£59
Russian Ballet Society – Membership Fees (as from September 2020)
Membership TypeFee
Associate Member£30
Full Member£40
PDT Member£41