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RSL Awards currently work with the following organisations to provide access to regulated qualifications.

Syllabus details are available to download here:

Graded Examinations in Dance – 2020 Specification

Graded Examinations in Indian Carnatic Performance – 2020 Specification

RSL Vocational Graded Examinations Syllabus 2020

Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Dance – Syllabus Specification

Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts – Syllabus Specification

Partner Organisations Fees

Russian Ballet Society

Russian Ballet Society Fees – Classical Ballet. Please note: there are several pages to this table. Please hit next to view more fees...
Classical BalletFee
Grade 1 - Pre-Preparatory£33
Grade 2 - Preparatory£34
Grade 3 - Primary£36
Grade 4 - Grade 1£39
Grade 5 - Grade 2£40
Intermediate Foundation - Grade 3£42
Intermediate - Grade 4£47
Advanced Foundation - Elementary£52
Advanced 1 - Intermediate£56
Advanced 2 – Advanced£63
Advanced 2 - Soloist£68
Advanced 2 - Ballerina/o£75
Primary Teacher£126
Junior Teacher£134
Intermediate Teacher£161
Senior Teacher£183
Russian Ballet Society Fees – Character Examinations.
Character ExaminationsFee
Advanced Foundation - Pre-Elementary£46
Advanced 1 - Elementary£49
Advanced 1 - Intermediate£53
Advanced 2 – Advanced£59
Russian Ballet Society – Membership Fees (as from September 2020)
Membership TypeFee
Associate Member£30
Full Member£40
PDT Member£41

Professional Teachers of Dancing

Teachers have to be a member of the PTD to enter students for examinations. The membership fee is £80 per annum payable on 1st January.
Grade 1£30
Grade 2£31
Grade 3£34
Grade 4£37
Grade 5£40
Intermediate Foundation£55
Advanced Foundation£65
Advanced 1£75

UKA Dance

Grade 1£23
Grade 2£26
Grade 3£29
Grade 4£32
Grade 5£35
Grade 6£38
Grade 7£41
Grade 8£44

Griffin College London

Grade 1£35
Grade 2£40
Grade 3£45
Grade 4£50
Grade 5£55
Grade 6£60
Grade 7£65

Spanish Dance Association

Full SDS / Flamenco Examination Fees
Grado Uno (G1)£34.50
Grado Dos (G2 & G2 F) £36.50
Grado Tres (G3 & G3F )£37.50
Grado Cuatro (G4 & G4 F)£38.50
Grado Cinco (G5 & G5 F)£39.50
Intermedio (IM & IM F) £54.50
Avanzado Uno (A1 & A1 F ) £55.50
Avanzado Dos (A2 & A2 F)£58.00
Teachers’ Examinations Exam Fees
Diploma de Enseñanza de la Danza Española (1) (DdE 1)

Written paper (Pre-requisite for the above practical examination)

Diploma de Enseñanza de la Danza Española (2) (DdE 2)

Category A, B, C

Written paper (Pre-Requisite for the practical examination)

Teachers Re-takes Per Section (All Categories)
Diploma de Profesor de la Danza Española (1)

Written paper

£128.00 full paper / £50 per section
Diploma de Profesor de la Danza Española (2)

Written paper

£128.00 full paper / £52 per section

SDA Membership – Subscription Fees 2021

Student Membership £55.00 (Required to enter Avanzado 1, Avanzado 2 or DdE1)
Non-Active Teacher Membership £60.00: Non-Registered Teachers
Active Registered Teacher Membership £90.00: IdB 1 & 2 / DdE 1 & 2 / PdB Diploma / DdP

Syllabus Book Costs
Graded Examinations Syllabus (English or Spanish) – Required for Dde1 Candidates£37
Graded Examinations Flamenco Syllabus and Theory (English or Spanish) (Required for Dde1 Cadidates)£37
Graded Examinations Theory (English or Spanish)£18
Vocational Graded Syllabus (English or Spanish) (Required for DdE2 Candidates)£37
Vocational Graded Flamenco Syllabus (English or Spanish) (Required for Flamenco DdE2 Candidates)£37
Vocational Graded Theory£22
Teacher’s Manual (Required for DdE1 and DdE2)£38

Enquiries about Results / Appeals

ServiceFeeCap For Multiple Candidates Refundable
Informal ReviewNo ChargeN/AN/A
Clerical Check£10£50No
Remark50% of Exam Fee£100if marks change by more than +/-5 or there is a change of assessment band
Investigation and Report No ChargeN/AN/A
First Level Appeal60% of Exam Fee£150If enquiry is upheld
Second Level Appeal75% of Exam Fee£200If enquiry is upheld

Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificate £10