Policies & Regulations

RSL's policies and regulations govern how we deal with our customers and centres so that we can ensure that everyone taking our qualifications has fair access to robust and quality assessment. Please click on the links below to access the relevant policy.

Concerns About Your Assessment?

DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
Complaints Policy522KBPDF3
Graded Music Exams Appeals Policy247KBPDF5 (Updated April 2020)
Music Production and Popular Music Theory Appeals Policy246KBPDF5 (Updated Jan 2020)
Diploma Appeals Policy247KBPDF5 (Updated Jan 2020)
PAA Appeals Policy247KBPDF5 (Updated Jan 2020)

Terms & Conditions and Exam Regulations

DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
Exam Regulations315KBPDF1
Exam Regulations (Welsh)337KBPDF1
Entry Terms and Conditions671KBPDF3
Online Shop Terms and Conditions1137KBPDF5
UK Graded Music Exams Date Change & Deferral Policy274KBPDF1

General Policies

(For VQ Policies, please see the VQ Policies table further down the page)
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
Archiving and Benchmarking441KBPDF2
Customer Service Statement490KBPDF1
Equal Opportunities Policy444KBPDF2
Malpractice Policy890KBPDF4
Updated February 2018
Conflicts of Interest Policy213KBPDF8
Updated August 2019
Requirements for the Identification of Candidates266KBPDF1
Sanctions Policy525KBPDF1
Social Media Policy208KBPDF1
Updated November 2018
Websites and their Usage429KBPDF2
Whistle Blowing Policy391KBPDF1
Rockschool Recognition of Prior Learning Policy Jun 201876KBPDF (Updated Dec 2018)5
Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy158.5KBPDF (Updated Jan 2020)14


(For VQ Forms, please see the VQ Forms table further down the page)
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
Rockschool Appeals Form218KBPDF1
Certificate Replacement Form337KBPDF2
Photographic ID Form177KBPDF1
Rockschool Reasonable Adjustments Form209KBDOCX2
Special Considerations Form266KBPDF2
RSL GME Enquiries About Results (EAR) Application Form85KBDOCX1

VQ Policies

All policy documents relating to RSL Vocational Qualifications.
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Pages
RSL Appeals Policy Vocational Qualifications (Summer 2020)99KBPDF (Updated Summer 2020)
VQ Resit and Retake Policy227KBPDF (Updated Aug 2019)14
RSL VQ Non Standard Academic Year Guidance4MBPDF (Updated Aug 2019)2
RSL VQ Registration and Certification Policy3.6MBPDF (Updated Aug 2019)17
RSL VQ Multi Site Centre and Satellite Site Guidance 1920450KBPDF (Updated Aug 2019)9
RSL VQ Centre Withdrawal Policy 192019KBPDF (Updated Aug 2019)2
RSL VQ Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy140KBPDF (Updated Jan 2020)5
RSL VQ Malpractice Policy32KBDocx (Updated Dec 2019)5

VQ Forms

All forms relating to RSL Vocational Qualifications.
DocumentFile SizeTypePages
RSL VQ Appeal Application Form - Summer 2020113.6KBDOCX (Updated August 2020)2
VQ Change of Address Request Form3MBDOCX (Updated August 2019)1
VQ Merger Confirmation Form3MBDOCX (Updated August 2019)2
VQ Change to Registration Confirmation Form3MBDOCX (Updated November 2019)2
VQ Certificate Replacement Application Form - Centre ApplicationDOCX (Updated August 2019)
VQ Certificate Replacement Application Form - Learner ApplicationDOCX (Updated August 2019)
RSL VQ Retake Application Form62KBXLS (Updated August 2019)
VQ Resit Form750KBPDF (Updated August 2019)
RSL VQ Partial Achievement / Unit Certification Application Form76KBDOCX (Updated August 2019)2
RSL VQ Addition of a Satellite Site Application Form 192048KBDOCX (Updated August 2019)5
RSL VQ Application for Late Registration Form4.2MBDOCX (Updated August 2019)2
RSL VQ Centre Approval Withdrawal Form68KBDOCX (Updated August 2019)1
RSL VQ Legal Name Change Form – Centre Application3MBDOCX (Updated August 2019)2
RSL VQ Legal Name Change Form – Learner Application3MBDOCX (Updated August 2019)2
RSL VQ Non Standard Academic Year Guidance183KBPDF (Updated August 2019)2
Evidence of Reasonable Adjustment for Vocational Qualifications 192048.7KBPDF (Updated Jan 2020)2
Application for Special Consideration for Vocational Qualifications 192051KBPDF (Updated Jan 2020)2
Change to Centre Name Application Form169KBPDF (Updated May 2020)1

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