To celebrate our 30th anniversary we’re looking back at some of the highlights from over the years.

RSL Awards operates in over 50 countries across the globe. Today we’re looking at how we spread our wings internationally and how music education has excelled worldwide. Read on to learn more about our collaborations with friends from abroad and first-hand accounts of how RSL arrived in other countries.


Written by Ritesh Khokhar

Back in 2005, I was running the “Gurgaon School of Music” - among the first species of contemporary music schools in the city. Since resources were limited in this genre, we were continuously hunting for reliable teaching material. We discovered Rockschool books on and ordered a full set of Electric Guitar books right away.

When we received the books, we realised that Rockschool offers exams in contemporary music as there was a leaflet titled “Enter for your Rockschool Exam” in the book. Obviously we were in love with the quality of music and teaching resources contained in the books.

L->R: Arup Gohain (BD Manager North & East India), Poonam (Concert Volunteer), Aparna Rawat (Operations Manager), Norton York, Myself. This was at the High Achievers’ Concert in April 2019. This was Norton’s first visit to India in all these years. He did a series of Piano syllabus launch workshops and honoured 3 High Achievers’ concerts in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai with his presence.

On digging further we discovered that Rockschool was offering exams in India but had not had any sessions yet. The minimum number to get the exams going was 100, which was a big number to gather for a brand new exam board, but I was determined to get Rockschool exams going and connected with 14 other music schools in the city, introducing Rockschool to them in the process.

They were all immediately interested and we together managed to gather the required number. India successfully had the first session of Rockschool Exams in November 2005 - the rest is history!


Written by Antonio Olazabal

RSL was introduced in Spain by the instruments brand Roland in 2008, starting with 4 examining centres that year.

In 2010, two representatives were appointed to be in charge of RSL Spain until 2017.

The number of centres quickly grew and the interest in Rockschool qualifications from modern music schools was huge. An office in Spain was established in 2018 to provide a good service to the centres and to take care of the organisation of the examiner tours that were becoming bigger and bigger.

Today we have more than 100 centres offering our qualifications and we are the leading modern music exams board in Spain.


Written by Lillian Lan

We had our first exam tour in China on March 2016 where we hosted 3 examiners: Fergal Hughes, Jerry Forbes and Ed Walker. Here are a selection of photos from this tour - the first in a line of exciting collaborations!

Norton visited China in Oct. 2016, and visited RSL Shanghai city rep’s training school. He had a chat with the teachers and signed on the glass wall.

Fergal Hughes, one of the 3 examiners who came to China for the first exam tour on March 2016 and travelled in the northern China. This photo was taken in Yanji city at our rep’s venue. Yanji is a small border city – only 2 hours driving to the border of China and North Korea. This is a good example of how RSL expands its business and influence in China – we do not limit our footsteps in big cities.

Jerry Forbes, another examiner who came to China on March 2016 for the first exam tour and travelled in the central China. This photo was taken in Hangzhou city (one of the ancient Chinese capitals, famous for sight-seeing and a holiday destination).

Ed Walker, one of the 3 examiners who came to China on March 2016 for the first exam tour, and travelled in the south China. This photo was taken in Shenzhen on March 2016.

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